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Structure Your Church

Structure matters. It's true.

Think of a poorly designed automobile vs. a well-designed automobile. One will function reliably and be a joy to drive while the other one will not inspire confidence and will require continual maintenance.

Think of a spinning top. A top that is out of balance may spin for a while, but it's going to take a whole lot more effort and the results will never be satisfying.

Organizational structure functions in the same way. You've likely got wonderful people giving a great deal of effort to the work of your congregation but if the structure doesn't provide the right framework your congregation is going to require a lot of maintenance, it will not be as inspiring as it could be, and the results will not be as satisfying as they might.

In Structure Your Church for Mission, Kurt Bickel and Les Stroh bring together their years of experience with the Cornerstone model of Aligned Governance and Operations to give you a step-by-step guide to understanding and implementing a structure that supports God's people to live out his mission in the world through your congregation.

Your Church for Mission provides an accessible look into the profound impact of organizational structure as it relates to congregational life. It is practical and clear while being based on sound theory and years of real life experience.

Structure Your Church for Mission is crisply illustrated with graphic elements, charts and tables to help readers of various learning styles grasp the concepts integral to the Cornerstone Model of Aligned Governance and Operations.


In Twelve Words or Less:


Life's journey brings wisdom and a number of short, "to the point" phrases have helped me grow in understanding how things work in organizations and in the lives of individuals.  These TIMELESS TRUTHS do not represent the total sum of wisdom about organizational or personal life, not by any stretch.  Nevertheless, I believe there is great truth in these brief phrases.


The full color book will stimulate your thinking about your life and organization in a new way. It is also great for team discussions.

Available at $10.95


“Here's hoping these TIMELESS TRUTHS prove helpful to you as you take the next step on your own journey.”    Les Stroh


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"Try this: 'Change is inevitable. Growth is an option.' Take that to your next staff/board (of any size) meeting. Working with this and others of his timeless truths, you'll appreciate Les and the way he can help you learn even without your fully intending to do so."  -Dr. Charles Mueller, Just Watching, Wheat Ridge Ministries